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Cooking Couture- Butterfly Strings Aprons

December 8th, 2009 No Comments

Butterfly Strings Aprons

I can’t stand aprons with silly sayings, ruffles, or made of solid stiff fabrics.  If I’m having guests over for dinner or even if I’m just sauteing some veggies for myself, it’s still more fun to throw on something nice.

Introducing a new line of aprons for cooks who like to look cute while the work.  Butterfly strings aprons are a patchwork construction of vintage fabrics my friend Amy finds from all over. Which means no two are alike (You know I love being unique!) She says,

“everything we do is based on the philosophy that it is better to reduce and reuse that which is already in our hands and on the earth rather than stressing the earth’s resources to create new materials.”

The design is simple and functional with three big pockets at the bottom.

The designer, Amy McFarren, is one of my closest friends.  She’s always had a flare for fashion and a domestic sensibility.  Not to mention, she’s sweeter than a sugar cookie. (Amy is going to be a wonderful mother.)  So this line is the perfect realization of all things Amy.

See the available styles ($45) at her etsy store or email her to create your own!  (That’s the best thing about knowing the designer – which you do now.  You say I want it this way and voila.)

DISCOUT CODE: morethanmary for a 10% discount!

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