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Gifts for the guys guy, the metro, and the boy at heart!

December 8th, 2009 No Comments

By Brandon Trentham

Well the time for stress, fake smiles, ugly sweaters, and fruitcakes is quickly coming upon us whether you like it or not. So I figured I would share what myself and most STRAIGHT or GAY men would love to have. Most men are simple and don’t love to return things, so if you get us something we really want, then your a keeper.

Regardless if he’s a friend, boyfriend, husband, or father, these items interest and excite us all.

1.     A nice double breasted wool over coat — with wide lapels, it’s is trendy and functional.  The one pictured is Prada, but you can get one at any price.

2.     The Logitech universal remote — now not only can it control the tv, dvd, and surround sound, but now the touch screen operates our PS3.

3.     Sunglasses that stand out, but aren’t offensive — The gold framed Limited Edition Dita Midnight specials.

4.     The Big Book of Breasts – A coffee table book ALL men love (maybe in different way)s can be for the frat guy’s home or the bosses gag gift.

5.     A bowtie – The perfect stocking stuffer that’s trendy yet manly and can be worn dressy or casual.

6.     A woven bracelet – An easy and elegant simple gift for someone you just can’t read is the woven bracelet.  I love this one from YSL.

7.     Tell him he’s “The One” – Voted #1 best smelling fragrance of the year is also named “The One” by Dolce and Gabbana.

8.     The English Riding Style boot – A winter boot that can be worn both inside or outside the pant. The pair above is from Ralph Lauren.

9.     Send him to the moon! – If your bank account is bottomless and you want your guy to be the coolest guy on the block, here is the out of this world gift. For $250,000 he can be one of the first people ever to fly to outer space and back on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

What money can’t buy….

So although men are easy and somewhat predictable, we can also have a sensitive side  that isn’t shown on the surface. It’s not just the money you spend, the wrapping and bow on it, or how many are around the tree, but the thought that went into it. We, like women, love things that show you were thoughtful and put your heart into it. If you never cook maybe write “Cook for me baby” notes and wrap it in a box for him to use when he wants. If you’re a workaholic maybe plan a weekend getaway (especially if its camping or something you wouldn’t pick but he would). The point is to show him what he means to you whether in a box or a Mrs. Claus Frederick’s of Hollywood nighty.