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Really + Disappointing – R+D Kitchen (Santa Monica, CA)

December 10th, 2009 No Comments

Really + Disappointing – R+D Kitchen (Santa Monica, CA)

After hearing Andy rave about the cafe on Montana and having one great experience with the chain (at the Dallas location) under my belt, I was expecting great things from R+D Kitchen when we ventured west for dinner on Sunday night.

Founded by the owners of Houston’s, R+D has to meet a certain standard.  We expect flavorful dishes and friendly service in a comfortable atmosphere.  In most cases two outta three ain’t bad, but in this scenario it’s really disappointing.

The menu failed me completely.  Apparently, the restaurant was opened as a testing ground for new dishes for Houston’s and Watergrill, but due to popular demand, began serving a few items regularly.  “Few” being the opperative word here.  The whole menu consists of maybe 20 boring options (including apps) and a couple of nightly specials.  We dined on pasta from a box topped with rubbery chicken meatballs and cold brocolli as well as the boiled cod special, which actually didn’t make me cringe but didn’t blow me away either.  When the server tells you the burger is the best thing on the menu, that should be a sign you did not choose the restaurant wisely.

With Cafe Montana only a few blocks away, I really don’t see the need to waste your time at R+D unless you’re looking for a lite bite in a bar setting or just need a reason to get frustrated.

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