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Custom Create Your Favorite Cake — Merengue Bakery

December 14th, 2009 No Comments

What a site for fashionista eyes…and tummy!

Check out this cake Mike’s bakery made the other day.

At Merengue, Mike says they can make ANYTHING into a cake. Looking at this, I believe him.

I guessed this beauty was easily $1k (after seeing that douche on Million Dollar Listing pay $700 for a 2D photo of himself on a cake. And yes, I watch that show).

Nope, it’s only $450!

With your holiday party on the horizon, a custom cake would be pretty impressive! Prices start at $80 – some chick just made her rapper boyfriend a mic for his birthday for less than a hundy.

Merengue is in Monrovia, but they deliver to Los Angeles. Cakes take a week from order to delivery/pick up.

15% off if you mention MoreThanMary!

For more info:

626-358-5650, ask for George or Norma.


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