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December 15th, 2009 No Comments

We’re about two hours away from H town. This has been my favorite road trip to date. Time flew pretty quickly with three distictly different personalities and two of the cutest pound puppies shoved into three and a half seats of a small A4. Random conversations, 20 questions, and Adrien being Adrien kept us laughing for hours. Admittedly Mike did most of the driving, for which I am forever grateful. Adrien was obviously the entertainment. I played the role of Mom with snacks and games which was appreciated, the “mothering” not so much :) Speaking of Mom, she called to check in several times. We’ve done the drive 3 times before and had a blast. Although I think she was relieved when I found my male companions for this trek. All’s well that ends well…in a cozy bed at the Zaza*. Both Mike and Adrien are allergic to cats (my mom has 3), so we had to find dander free accommodations. Well, I have to put the full force of my brain into Adrien’s latest geography challenge. (*Full disclosure: friends and family discount at Zaza)

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