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Rules To Live By For Holiday Attire

December 16th, 2009 No Comments

Rules To Live By For Holiday Attire

By Brandon Trentham

Ohhhhhh it’s here again. Seems like it comes too fast every year. The shopping lines, the gluttony, the bad gifts, and the return days are all too much to swallow but at least you can look good doing it.

There are so many examples of what NOT to wear at your disposal annually. I figured I’d give you some ideas on how to be festive without being offensive.

1.      Just because the colors are red and green doesn’t mean your whole outfit has to be. Pick an article.

2.      Try wearing a black outfit with a Christmas accessory to keep it classy and simple.

3.      If you must wear the bright colored piece, remember less is more (I don’t mean in fabric). If it’s a dress make sure its fitted and don’t over accessorize it because you already stick out.

4.      Head accessories are great if you choose the right one. Hair bows are in just don’t reuse the ones from your childhood.

5.      Wearing an oversized ,colored belt is another great option to throw in some seasonal bling with style.

6.      Scarves are another great add that doesn’t scream you’re trying to hard.

7.      Heels are an option normally not thought of to show your holiday spirit and could be matched with # 5,6, or 7.

8.      If your one of those people that like to keep it modest but still show u care. Try wearing a green initiative bracelet that’s not only seasonal its charitable.

9.      I was never an advocate of the cheese hat or the reindeer antlers, but the Santa hat I love (just not the entire costume unless your getting paid to sit in a mall).

10.   As much as I hate to say it, boobs are a no no. No family member wants to see cleavage on this day CHRIST was born (I hope anyway). Try opting for a first lady look with some pearls to match.

May your holidays be bright and in the words of Chevy Chase:

“Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah.“