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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

December 22nd, 2009 No Comments

If you’re still shopping, here is a list of good practical gifts accompanied by the reason they’ll love it:

  • A scarf – everyone needs to stay warm, and every time they wear it, it’s like getting a hug from you.  Go for something with style!
  • Travel speakers – they come at every price point, and if you’re recipient isn’t a traveler, they can put them in the bathroom. Mike has some called “Teakers” ($15) he bought at Office Depot that we loved on our road trip.
  • Cool socks – Patterns, colors, etc. Not a lot of men put thought into socks, but they are going to be a must-have accessory in 2010.  I love Paul Smith, argyle, block stripes.  Also, try Marshall’s or TJ’s.
  • Hoodie – Something else at every price point your recipient won’t love when they open it, but they will wear it until it falls apart and say a little thanks to you every time they put it on.
  • Baseball cap – one that’s cute, not one with a team logo on it.  This will improve your man’s style without him having to think about it.
  • Flip flops – you really can’t have enough. Havianas, Rainbow sandals, Bernardos.
  • Boxing lesson – for your fitness friend, male or female.  It’s a guaranteed good workout.
  • Card holder wallet – small wallet that will hold their essentials for evenings.
  • Cute makeup bag with lipgloss – your total should come out to about $40.  Either spend more on the bag or the gloss.  For gloss I love Chanel or Laura Mercier.  Less expensive is Revlon Super Lustrous.
  • Hanky Panky panties – every woman’s favorite.
  • A damn good bottle of wine – for someone who will appreciate it.  Don’t be scared by “damn good.”  You can treat a friend with something great for $30.
  • Treats – Get in the kitchen and knock out all of your friends with one stone and make an amazing dessert.  Pair with a bottle of wine and that will give them a good night of R&R after the holiday.
  • A massage – Your last resort, I mean the very last, is a massage.  Unless you know a masseuse that will rock their world, then it’s a good gift.  But otherwise, this gift is overdone.
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