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My friend G is not engaged…..

December 29th, 2009

My friend G is not engaged…..


As you know John and I are not married and we have no plans to get married.  However, with Baby Girl on the way John wanted to give me something special as a symbol of our love and commitment.  So at Christmas he surprised me with a beautiful (and very sparkly) eternity ring.  The card that went with the present summed it up perfectly.  We may be different from other people but we are still family.  This year I’ve truly learned what it means to ‘count one’s blessings’.

G and John have more than chemistry, they have crazy synergy. They are truly like two parts of one whole.

In the new year, throw out the window “what you’re supposed to do” and “social standards” along with “what people think” and do what is right for you!


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