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December 29th, 2009

I don’t have to tell you every single store is a having a HUGE sale right now.  But, you’re a little light in the wallet after the holidays, I understand, I am too.

Frustration sets in.

The deals are too good to pass up.  I have to buy something!!!

Here’s a list of things you really should try to sweep up while the prices are so good:

  • An overcoat – It will be cold for at least 3 more months, and a good coat will last several years.
  • Hot shoes – You know you want them and rarely are your favorite designers 70% off.  Buy durable tall boots you can wear a lot or sandals or booties you can wear through Spring. Plus, once the compliments start flooding in, your ear to ear grin will squash any remaining guilt.
  • Cashmere – see overcoat.
  • Tops/blouses – All of my girlfriends seem to be complaining they don’t have any fun tops to wear out.
  • Men’s clothes – men’s closets always need updating.  Now you can afford to buy that piece you wish he would wear.
  • Linens – hit up your favorite department store and treat yourself to some soft sheets.  Tons of sets are on sale.

What are you buying?

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