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COLLEGE STUDENTS CARE — Inspiring Stories from 2009

December 31st, 2009

COLLEGE STUDENTS CARE — Inspiring Stories from 2009

Reader Christina writes:

Camp Kesem is one of the 24 camps in the US, run entirely by college student volunteers, which provide one week of summer camp to children with a parent who has or has had cancer.  The students collectively dedicated thousands of hours throughout the year to plan CK and fundraise an average of $50,000 to bring magic to families with cancer…for free!

One night during our 2008 camp, we decided to have our staff meeting around the camp fire and on this particular night, we had an important issue to discuss that needed a lot of input. Almost every counselor offered their opinion that night on the topic at hand. I remember staring into the fire and being completely enamored by the brilliant, eloquent, opinions that filled the air. I thought about how the family members, teachers, and mentors of the counselors sitting around me, and how proud they would be, if they knew of the selflessness that was emanating from this group of college kids. There they were exhausted and yet invested and dedicating 100% of themselves with only one motive: doing what was right to make life better for kids that life was not always fair to. Our conversation carried far into the middle of the night, anyone could have slipped away to bed. But everyone stayed.

At MIT, the focus is on education. We study, write papers, pull all-nighters trying to learn just one more abstract mathematical concept. We constantly check our grades, the time, our emails, our mental to-do lists for something more important than what we are doing at the time. At camp, we pause and we stay. Because there is nothing more important.”

Watch the video she made of scenes from camp.

Click here to see if this program is available at your school.

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