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Other Inspirational Stories of 2009

December 31st, 2009

Stories that should be heard about people who “win” in life (but unfortunately not in this contest.)

Danielle — a girl who survived hell and with the support of her adopted parents is making a comeback.  Rescued from living in her own feces surrounded by darkness and cockroach carcasses, they say she was truly a feral child.  Read her story, it’s unbelievable. (Submitted by reader Brigid)

Matt Logelin — recent widower and now single father turned blogger who shares his honest feelings without trying to escape them. (submitted by reader Kate)

Jones New York In The Classroom – A charity that supports education by supporting teachers.  I agree with Reader Jess when she points out, “It is teachers that take on the enormous responsibility of shaping our future… guiding our children, our leaders of tomorrow, with little payback.”

Russell Ferguson — So You Think You Can Dance winner who used his passion for dance to rise to the top.  Reader Adrienne says, “It is a reminder of the importance of art, and the importance of inspiring children to push for their dreams and look to art as a positive outlet.”

Dr. Diane Harper — A once supporter now opponent to Gardasil, the vaccine for HPV.  Reader Linda says, “‘No matter what you think about Gardasil, or even Dr. Harper’s stance, what we learn from her experience is far more important: be brave; admit your mistakes; stand up for what you believe in.”

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