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January 3rd, 2010

Packing for #CES (that’s the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.  Looks like I need to pack a couple jackets.

It just seems weird to go to Vegas and the temperature not be scorching hot.  (I’m annoyed if you can’t tell.)

Last year, Julia and Megs introduced me to the ultimate geek week for gadgetry, and I surprisingly loved it!  Our schedule was packed so I only had one day to really wander and learn about the latest and greatest.

This year, I only set up a few meetings leaving me plenty of time to explore freely and blog about my favorite finds.  I’m sure there will be several WTF inventions as well.

The main reason I am going is to reconnect with PR people and companies based in Silcon Valley.  In the upcoming year I am building out the blog to be more of destination website.  As it’s only me over here (with limited tech knowledge), it’s not an easy transition.

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