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Late night reinforcements.

January 4th, 2010

Late night reinforcements.

When I told my mom it was going to be a long night, she brought home my latest favorite cupcake (Coconut) from Crave.  To compliment the sugar high, I hit up the Micky D’s around the corner for a cup of caffeine.  Starbucks is closed, but I hear the quality of McDonald’s coffee is actually better.  Haven’t done any research, but the mild flavor doesn’t taste half bad.

Why will I be up so late, you ask?


I’ve been working on a new iteration of MTM for the last month.  My designer/programmer, a beacon-of-light friend who knows the space, little ole me, and even Mason are excited by all of the new fun features it will have. But with the holidays upon us, it has been hard to make substantial progress.  Although, I must say, I have hired the most dedicated designer on the planet (not an exaggeration).  As for the friend, he’s one of those modest heros who doesn’t need a cape to save lives.

So, after a 3 hour discussion, we said “good enough” is not nearly “good enough” – We’re pushing back the launch date from January 6 to February 1.  Just in time for Fashion Week!

For at least 12 hours in two days, I have been going through each post to categorize all of the content from Tumblr to WordPress so that when we do roll it out, you will be able to find anything and everything your little heart desires.  Couple that with conference calls and I’m geeked out man.  (But in a good way!)

Since that has been my focus for the last two days, I have yet to write out posts for the upcoming week, submit two LA guides for CultureMap.com, print business cards, and pack up all of your goodie bags.  Let’s put aside the fact my fingers are crying for a manicure, I have a million errands to run before I leave, and Mason would love to go to the park.

So a small amount of weight has been lifted, but I’m still gonna need every ounce of that cupcake to get it all done.

Get a little sleep for me!


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