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Is that a dagger under your cloak or are you just happy to see me?”

January 5th, 2010

“Is that a dagger under your cloak or are you just happy to see me?”

— By Brandon Trentham

Capes and cloaks have been a recurring trend since castles and court jesters, and with our obsession for vampires, it’s no surprise they are back on our radar.  But it’s important to keep in mind 2010 standards not 1010 jokes.  Instead of reaching for your old faithful jacket in the remaining cold months, grab a cape off the winter sale rack to look and feel smoking hot.

I’m genuinely a fan of both the cape and cloak when worn the right way.  Very simply, they have the versatility of a jacket, but it’s not a fashion faux pas to to leave it on indoors. Obviously they can be dressy for a museum gala draped over a dress or a suit.  For everyday, pair a cape/cloak with tights and a blouse or jeans and a button down. They can be worn open and flowly or tied and buttoned. There are endless styles and options. Sometimes you just want to cover up when going out with a hoodie and sweats. With either of these trendy pieces, at least you’ll look like your keeping track of what’s on the runway.

A VERY important thing to remember when buying them is the color. Capes are normally big items with a lot of fabric. No one wants to look like Big Bird or Godzilla walking down the street, so choosing a dark color is the SAFE option.


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