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January 7th, 2010

My wallet was stolen last night as I was enjoying that lovely martini you see below (on my blog) and blogging on my iPhone.


Thankfully I only put one credit card and some cash in there, not my entire wallet.  My nose was buried in my phone so that is safe.  But guess what was also in my purse….

My id.

Which is like a death sentence in Vegas because any time you say hello to staff they ask for your id.  Not sure why the crackdown….in college I ran rampant at the tables with the worst Georgia id.

It could be a good thing.  I don’t NEED to gamble or stay out late at lame clubs.  BTW, yes, Vegas clubs are lame.  I don’t care what you read in US or People.

As I am a seasoned traveler, I have a copy of my passport which should work for my purposes.

So all is well.  Off to CES this afternoon, no id needed :)

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