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January 10th, 2010

#CES I just got tasered!  Willingly…(WTF)

People were filming in the crowd, but reader (now friend) Phil was front and center with my Kodak Zi8 to see me go down for my new web series I’m co-producing with NextNewNetworks. “Life Experiment” is the name, me playing guinea pig is the game.  The premise is not about how crazy I can be.  The focus is to try out new products and trends you might like to incorporate into your life.

Women are getting jumped every day.  We laugh about tasers, but it is a useful and safe form of protection some women might consider if they knew more about it.

Let me just tell you….it HURT like a biatch.  This thing will stop a guy dead in his tracks!

After I face planted in front of a hundred people, they let me test out their latest model upstairs so I could see how it would play out in the real world.

It will be a great episode!


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