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Introducing The Santa Ynez Inn

January 11th, 2010

After a crazy four days in Vegas, I’m escaping to my favorite LA getaway, The Santa Ynez Inn just north of Santa Barbara in the wine country. You remember Sideways right?

Well, I was coming out here long before the movie (which did not feature the beautiful inns and quaint restaurants that take your breath away.) Because I’ve been coming here for years, I’m friends with the manager and his wife, so it will be fun to catch up.

I’m going to post pictures of the scenery, vineyards, and towns so you can see what’s only 2 hours away from your front door in LA.

Tomorrow I’m shooting another episode of Life Experiment (which to me is equally as scary, but hopefully not as painful as the taser.)

Ok, off to crack open a bottle of white, send in changes to my programmer, and take a load off for a minute. (Santa Ynez Inn room provided at a friend rate which I am more than happy to translate to a “media” rate. You are going to love this place!)

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