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Under-eye color isn’t all bad!

January 12th, 2010

Under-eye color isn’t all bad!

I saw the picture on the left in the December issue of InStyle and was instantly enamored with Natalie Portman’s sparkling pale green eyeliner on her bottom lash line.

Our instincts tell us to put the color the top lid and go minimal on the bottom, but I think Natalie has given us a reason to try this route.

Although not a look for everyday, what a great way to lighten up your makeup for an evening spring look.  One thing you have to realize, the boys aren’t going to like this.  It’s a little too dramatic for their less-is-more taste.  But your girlfriends are sure to be impressed (and definitely envious) if you can pull it off.

Here’s how I would create the effect you see above:

  1. Choose an opaque shimmer shadow in green, purple, blue, or silver.
  2. Wet your liner blush and load it up with shadow.
  3. Apply from the inside all the way passed your eye.
  4. Use a sharp black pencil to thinly line the outside corner of your eye and the upper lid.

Note: Don’t simply use this lining technique.  You should be wearing a semi-dramatic palate on your upper lid.

Should you wear this look, send me a picture.  We would all love to see!

(Photos via Instyle)

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