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Anderson Cooper Is A Real Reporter

January 19th, 2010 1 Comment

I didn’t know this, but Anderson Cooper started his career in media with a passion to report the news from the field….like most of the best anchors do.

According to his Wiki page, after college, he made a fake press badge to enter Burma and interview students rebelling against the government. Then he lived in Vietnam for a year to report on the local life and culture for Channel One.

I’m sure he’s covered countless other crisis from the trenches, but I’m so accustomed to watching him seated in a suit telling us the details as they are relayed to him or moderating pundits.

So it seems this is possibly the way he would prefer to cover world events.

Either way, bravo to Cooper and the other celebs who are using their fame to help the situation in every way they know how.

(Photo via this story on his blog.)

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  • Josh

    This is way awesome, I have always loved Cooper and his ideals and work ethics.