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GPOYW: What the hell is the matter with me edition

January 27th, 2010 1 Comment

I planned on posting this picture in the context of “I had to do the cheesy jumping picture pose for once in my life” or “I’m not delusional – I know I’m one lucky biatch to be living and working in Mexico” but my day is so shitty I have to think “What the hell is the matter with me” that I can’t find a smile.

I wish I could say I’m on a hormonal roller coaster, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

The day started at 6am with the discovery that my new Ralph Lauren cashmere cardigan had been in the bottom of my laundry bag and had therefore been washed AND dried at the laundromat. I won’t mention how much it costs, but let’s just say my super soft favorite sweater now feels like sandpaper.  That pretty much almost had me in tears.  I tried to work it out at the gym to no avail, and now I’m sitting at my computer completely overwhelmed with work.  There are a few other issues on my plate as well, and it’s just too much!

Yesterday I had been so excited to tackle my to-do list today…..

On my own suggestion from earlier today, I’ve put on one of my favorite mixes and will be nose to the grindstone after this post.

Tomorrow, after another full day of work, I’ll jump on the beach and think, “you silly girl getting all upset when you knew you you could get it all done.  Now look at you, drinking a Corona on the beach.  People in NYC would kill to be here after a day at the office.  Get over yourself!”

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  • Rachel

    Mary –

    I know you’re keepin it real and just voicing your opinion and what’s goin on in your life, but with what’s going on in Haiti, you are on the beach crying over cashmere…COME ON. Seriously. You cannot complain about this. I know you’re brighter than that, this post makes you look ridiculous.