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January 27th, 2010 No Comments

Yesterday on my 2 mile run home from the gym, my legs wanted to give out after all I had put them through before 9am: a two mile jog to the gym and then I super-set my back exercises with squats (holding 17lbs in each hand).  So needless to say my twigs were ready to rest.

Just as I wanted to give in, an Echosuite* song came on and I somehow I pushed harder, ran faster.

Funny how one song just speaks to you to get you through a moment.  And not only do you get through it, but you somehow get stronger.

It seems to be a reminder that most of the time it is a mental game we play with ourselves – we really aren’t physically limited to do almost anything.

This song is called “Break Me Down” which really calls for surrender, but it had the opposite effect on me.  Maybe it will for you too.  Or maybe giving in is the difficult thing you need to let go and do for yourself.

I could talk this one in circles.  Bottom line: let music be your guide sometimes.  You don’t have to control everything.  And when you want to give in, reach out for external sources of strength, whatever that is for you.

(*what a blast from the past.  The whole album is fantastic, btw.  Check it out on iTunes.)

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