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Getting Dressed For Fashion Week

January 28th, 2010 1 Comment

Reader/Blogger Tanya always asks people to suggest situations they would like to see her create an outfit for.  So the other day, I responded with Fashion Week (as I am gearing up for the 8 days of catwalk craziness right now).

Here is what she put together:


Fashion Week [Styled] Outfit

So here is my “dream” fashion week outfit per Mary’s request! I decided to compose an outfit this way because the truth is if I really was going to fashion week I would run out and buy a completely new and fresh outfit! After all it is the perfect excuse for new clothes!

Hope you like it!

  • Dress – Dolce & Gabbana
  • Shoes – Brian Atwood
  • Bag – Kate Spade
  • Tights – Asos
  • Necklace – House of Harlow
  • Ring – Marc Jacobs

I added an umbrella because everyone knows it always rains in NYC on fashion week. And of course I wouldn’t be caught dead without my fave fashion magazine, Bazaar!

As you know I have a pretty eclectic style and I love color and whimsy. All those things inspired this outfit.

Tip: Wearing black tights with black shoes elongates your legs in the winter the same way nude heels elongate your legs in the summer!!

Quite the ensemble T.  Very trendy and unique.  Although I warn you, those heels are not for sissies when you’re racing from one show to the next (and interviewing in between).  My feet have had 3 years of training and I always end up in flip flops at the end of at least two days.

But, really, it’s fashion week, no pain no game! You would definitely steal glances away from Anna in this ensemble.

Jaclyn’s Ensemble –


I’m totally copying Tanya here.

What I’d wear to NY Fashion Week?

I have no idea what I’d wear, but this is a close approximation. Something short-ish (I’ve got long legs, why not), something pretty, something not too up-tight. A bit of color and a bit of jewelry.

Now to magically transport all these items to my closet…

  • Dress – Tibi
  • Shoes – Christian Louboutin
  • Bag – Mulberry
  • Scarf – Alexander McQueen
  • Sunglasses – Chloe
  • Earrings – H. Stern
  • Lipstick – Givenchy
  • Notebook – Moleskine
  • And to prove I was there – iPhone

So fun! All I need now is an invite! Please?

Another great outfit.  Not necessarily one of your “budget” posts, but then again, it’s fashion week, you’ll have all of this sent from their PR team ;)

If you’re in NYC, you’re welcome to come with me!  I always love having a fun fashionista to talk trends with.


Both Tanya and Jaclyn put together trend-perfect outfits that would be showstoppers at New York Fashion Week.

However, for me, considering I need an outfit that transitions from day to night, is somewhat (but barely) comfortable, and looks good on camera, neither of these ensembles would work for me in this capacity.  When you’re on camera, you have to look hot and play it safe – not an easy combo – and I fail about 30% of the time (in my opinion).

So here’s a quick checklist I think about to create a trendy, photo-friendly ensemble with comfort as a consideration.

  1. Keep it simple – bold colors and a minimum number of pieces that can make an impact.  Also, prints are hard to pull off on camera.
  2. Pick one piece to define the outfit – for the past three seasons, that has been shoes.  Fashion Week is one of the only places you’ll see photographers on the ground snapping shoes from multiple angles.
  3. Makeup should be thick but natural looking – I know that sounds contradictory, but you have to look good in person and on camera.  Tips: stay away from colored shadows and dark eyes.  Add lashes if you want an extra pop.
  4. Think sophisticated – conservative speaks to many audiences so you’ll look respectable and approachable.
  5. Black – when all else fails, you can’t go wrong with it.  But if you’re looking to stand out, go for color.
  6. Blend your bag with your outfit – don’t carry a statement bag because more times than not it clutters your chic and simple look.  Plus, most of the time, you won’t be carrying it on camera or in pictures.
  7. Absolutely no scarves on camera – unless you’re freezing.  Period.
  8. Believe in your ensemble – Confidence will sell whatever you’re wearing. And that goes from sweats at the supermarket to sequins at a cocktail party.

To browse what I wore in September at the tents, click here.  Yes, I did wear vintage Pucci, which is all about the pattern, but it’s obviously Pucci, and vintage no less.  That’s a statement you want to make in a room of brand sluts, I mean fashionistas :)

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