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Welcome to the new MTM – it’s MORE than Me!

February 1st, 2010 19 Comments

Welcome to the new MoreThanMary.com – your new destination for tips and tricks to live life to the fullest.

Think of MTM as an interactive lifestyle magazine written by real people based on their experiences. We are giving you a window into our lives to get to know us and learn about our passions.

You heard me right, “me” is now “we.”  The site is officially MORE than Mary.  On the right , you’ll see a  list of great people I’ve brought on to inspire you everyday.  All of them are intelligent, well-rounded people that will offer you insight on different aspects of your life.  They all have a particular love in life and are eager to share it with you.

For those of you have been reading MoreThanMary for a while, you’ll recognize Nutritionista and Brandon (The Male Model).  New to the MTM crew are Kelley our trainer, Kallah the sylist, Mike the entrepreneur, and Ron the resident wino.  Click their links on the right under “The Contributors” to learn more about them and read their archived posts.  Below you’ll find a post from each of them to get you started.

Other new features:

  • The video player at the top will feature my most recent videos including my new web series called Life Experiment.  If you have suggestions of stuff you would like me to try, please email me. The first episode is up there in the middle box.
  • On the left of the blog you’ll see the days of the week with their particular themes.  The posts listed underneath them are the most recent.
  • There is a new page you can go to see all of the discounts you receive as an MTM reader.  I’m working on securing more from the brands I love, so don’t be discouraged that there are only a few listed now.
  • You can now easily share posts, which is pretty standard, but new for me!
  • “Featured Posts” are articles I’ve written for other publications and are a little more structured than my usual informal and fun posts.

Just with any new site there will be glitches as you navigate around.  If you find something particularly annoying, let me know.  But just know that I am still working out all the kinks and appreciate your patience.

Other features are coming soon.  You should look out for:

  • Contact info and twitter handles for all of the contributors.
  • A “favorite spots around town” section that details interesting places in major cities.
  • A video page where you browse through my archived videos.
  • New contributors!  If you would like to share your passion or know someone who would, I’m always accepting submissions.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the new site!

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  • bob Baer

    Site looks great Congratulations!

  • Tracy

    Congrats, Mary on the new and improved MtM. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do! xo

  • Sarah

    Bravo Mary! Love the new site. Well done!

  • may

    congratulations Mary, this looks great

  • franchesca

    the site looks awesome! congrats Mary!

  • Sparkus

    Why did you leave Tumblr?

    • I LOVE the tumblr platform, but from a business standpoint it doesn’t make sense. Plus, wordpress is easier to customize and manipulate.

  • Allegra

    Mary!! I have been a reader from the very beginning, and I am so proud of you! Sorry to sound like a cheeseball, but this site is perfect! I can’t wait for all the great new content. Well done!!

  • Kim

    Mary, congrats! The new site is amazing, your hard work has really paid off. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got planned.

  • Georgie Girl

    The new website looks AMAZING!! Congratulations!

  • Jen

    Mary, this looks amazing! Good job!

  • Sarah

    What happened to my comment? It went missing in action :( Sad! Anyhow – great work on the new site, Mary! I love it! Well done!

    • I know. I accidentally erased all of the sweet comments people left :(

      I thought I was just removing them from my screen, not the blog.

      Honestly, I miss the simplicity of tumblr, but there are so many cool things you can do on WordPress!

  • Sarah

    No worries – it is going to take awhile to get into the swing of things :) Exciting that the sky is now the limit with possibilities! I can’t wait to watch your journey unfold :) xxo

  • BigD

    Like the site and all that you’ve put into it – one little point is that you’ve misspelled “entrepreneur” on the right hand side of the main page – it’s listed as entreprenuer instead. I know there’s beauty in imperfection but thought you might want to know anyway! Congrats on the new site –

    • Yes….I know. Turns out neither myself or programmer are very good spellers. Ugh.

      But that means you really know it’s me right?? haha.

      We’re working hard to make the necessary changes. And I appreciate you pointing one out in a polite manner.

  • Julia

    That is what happens when you were only admitted to college due to your successful relatives and not actually on the merits of your accomplishments. Get a real job. Stop trying to take the easy way out and make a living on this terrible blog. This must just appease your family so your allowance money will continue to flow into your bank account like a 12 year old girl. Grow up already. It must be really sad to be such a tremendous failure in the face of such accomplished family members. Lazy bum.

    • Just to clarify –

      I graduated with honor from high school, completed one of the most prestigious courses at The Annenberg School (at USC) in 3 years, and have now launched 3 businesses.

  • Julie Cook

    The site looks stellar, lady!