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Dedicated Intern Down And I Need Another One

February 2nd, 2010 5 Comments

“No prob. I’ll work on the fw letter when I’m home from urgent care. I
suddenly can’t hear in my left ear. Not sure what’s going on.” — Katie, my intern

OMG, I had no idea.  Today she got through a to-do list and made dinner reservations for me while I’m in NYC.

I feel terrible!

Speaking of interns, not that anyone would want to work for free after that quote, but here goes.  I need a local NYC intern for New York Fashion Week specifically.  Dates of service will be Feb 8-19. You will get to attend at least two shows and receive some serious schwag in exchange for your work.  I will be flexible to your schedule, however, you must be dedicated.  There is a lot to learn and fun to be had, but there will be some schlepping.

If you’re interested, email me.

(That’s about as honest as it gets, haha.)

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  • Stephanie Silva

    Aww man… Im not in NYC but I would have loved being your intern for the week. If you ever need an intern on the West Coast keep me in mind.

  • Gigi

    Really????? You are too busy to make dinner reservations for yourself? How terribly important you are.
    Selfish, self impressed pig!

    • She gets a list of things to complete over the course of a generous time span. Like any internship, tasks involve projects, collaboration, and feedback to offer a true learning experience – I pride myself on that and go to many lengths to work with my interns on building valuable skills they will use in the future. However, there are always a few menial tasks that need to get done.

      When in NYC, I do a lot of networking over dinner and at events, so these reservations are actually important. But more importantly, I TRY to leave evenings free to spend time with friends – catching up with them is my favorite part about being back in NYC and it keeps me sane.

  • Emma

    Gigi – This is common practice. I work in a small town, in a mid-range law office, literally next to a cornfield. My boss often asks me to do things like make dinner reservations or pick up his glasses from the optometrist. He doesn’t believe himself to be a particularly important person, but he IS busy running his own business. So do I mind if he asks me to do menial chores so that he can spend that time billing clients? Of course not, those billable hours are what fund my paycheck.

  • Linds

    that’s what assistants/interns ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. It’s part of their job.