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No SPECKulating – My Valentine’s Day Stimulus Package

February 2nd, 2010 4 Comments

The first two people to email me with  the correct total of money you see above converted into American Dollars will WIN a Speck case for a 3G or 3Gs iPhone.  You can treat yourself or your valentine.
Both cases are CES exclusives so you can’t buy them anywhere!  I have a baby pink Candy Shell ($34.95) and a see-through Satin case in a dark teal color ($29.95).
Should you not win an exclusive one, click thelinks to see their whole line of cool stuff.  The price is right to make their products the perfect gift.  In my opinion, they’re the best in terms of quality and variety on the market.  Don’t pout if you have a Blackberry, they now make cases for you too.
I’ll help you start – the coins you see above:
  • 2 10-peso coins
  • 1 5-peso coin
  • 3 1-peso coins
  • 1 American quarter

Then add in the bills.

Start converting!
(Full Disclosure: Speck provides both you and I with free cases.  Thanks Speck!)
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  • Sarah

    So confused…but love this concept! $15 and some change? Ha. I giveup.

  • Candace

    Is that 5 bill in pesos? Then the total in USD is $32.6185 or $32.62 rounded up to nearest cent.

    • It’s actually a British pound!

      The two winners have already submitted their correct response of $42.38 or $42.40 depending on how they rounded.

  • Candace

    Upon further look, it’s 5 British pounds — making the total in USD 40.13 rounded.