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Swoosh There It Is

February 2nd, 2010 6 Comments

I know everyone is head over heels with Lululemon for athletic-wear, but I truly think Nike is better.

I took this picture to do a post on form while you work out (that will run next Monday), but obviously the clothes are important too. Nike fits well, has great cuts and colors, and really absorbs sweat well.

Check out my gym head to toe:

–Nike tank top with built in bra
–Nike running shorts
–Nike Free 5.0 shoes (my fav!)

Yes, it’s expensive, and popular items are often out of stock at Niketown, but it’s the best for your buck if you ask me. When you’re at the gym regulary, you need durable clothes that make you look good!

Here’s another Nike ensemble.  Leslie snapped this pic on our way to the gym one morning during “Camp Mary.”  She thought she was being sneaky, but I knew it was her strategy to get me to walk.  I get a million compliments on these green capris.

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  • Sammy

    Mary – wow u have really nice legs! and ass! :)

    • Is this a trick compliment?!
      I don’t have an ass!

      (But you made my day for saying so. Thanks!)

  • rachelgab

    I like Nike, but I do think the Lululemon overall fit is better. I guess it’s just personal preference. I do think Lulu is terribly expensive and a tiiiiiiny bit overrated as far as how “hip” it is.

    • Agreed. As far as I can tell here is how trends for active-wear are by city –

      Los Angeles: comfortable and cotton (because it looks effortless, not because it makes sense AT ALL). They love James Perse!
      New York: Spandex blends, Stella McCartney, something chic.
      Houston: Tshirt from college with gym shorts or barely there clothes.
      Mexico: Tacky as all hell. BUT! In my corner of the country, they are all active, healthy, and quite buff!

      One thing that remains true: Lululemon. They have really spread the word via their grass-roots brand ambassador program that gives group fitness instructors an allowance for clothes.

  • rachelgab

    Yes, I live in Seattle and Lululemon is HUGE, but we are also a very active/healthy/green city that prides itself on being hip! We also have a Lululemon outlet not too far but I have yet to check it out.

  • cindy

    I agree with you Mary. Lululemon, while trendy for now, is about the same in quality as Nike Dri-fit. I have dri-fit Nike stuff from 5, 6 years ago that I love and still get compliments on. It’s all a matter of what kind of Nike you buy for workouts. As for lululemon, if everyone and their third aunt is wearing the label, it’s already past “hip” status. Remember Juicy tracksuits anyone? Me personally, while I own one item from Lulu, own a majority of Nike, which has less annoying multi-colored patterns that remind me of 1976 Jane Fonda outfits. Nike is a lot more stylish, while in my opinion, Lulu is a little more on the Britney Spears level of design.