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“If We Don’t Get Uncomfortable, Then We Don’t Grow And Change.”

February 3rd, 2010 No Comments

— my friend Kristen

On Wednesdays, I want to inspire you to grow and change.  The theme of the day is “Living” which means it’s often going to be a mixed bag of goodies.  However, you now know you will find a post from Mike about running your own business/life as well as a nugget of something that inspires me.

My friend Kristen said this to me the other day and as I was saying “absolutely” the gym popped into my head.  I always tell you to change up your routine, confuse your body and it will grow stronger.

Well, the same is true with our emotions.  You have to dig deep to discover what’s REALLY going on inside of you.  Most of the time, if you sit with your issues, you become really uncomfortable.  But instead of running, instead of grabbing a glass of wine, take a breath and try to figure out WHY you feel that way.  “I feel this way because this happened…ok…why did that happen…well, it was the result of this….”  See what I’m saying.

I’m sure as you read this you think, “damn, I though this was going to be a place to come and learn cool stuff and now she’s telling me I have issues.”  Damn straight.  I have plenty of fun info to share, but you’ll also take away concepts to think about.

Look at it this way…I wouldn’t be writing this post if Kristen’s quote didn’t make me stop in my tracks.  Give it a shot.  If you actually thought this post is cheesy you wouldn’t have read this far.  And if you have made it here, then you need to take a few minutes for yourself and discover what issue is buried inside that causes you to be a little uncomfortable.  The investigation of the matter might suck, but you’ll feel amazing after you purge it.

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