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Jack’s Mannequin

February 3rd, 2010 5 Comments

A friend of mine introduced me to Jack’s Mannequin last month and I have not turned the album off yet.  Alternative, hipster rock for you cool kids out there.

If you’re a Death Cab for Cutie or Dashboard Confessional fan, you’ll like these guys.

Check it out here.  My favorite songs are Miss California (obvious choice) and The Resolution.

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  • Theodora

    Their lead singer, Andrew, was also the lead singer for Something Corporate, another awesome, awesome band. In college, I was fully obsessed with him! P.S. I would check out what your “check it out here” link links to…

  • Emma

    The Glass Passenger is really really good, but I would recommend trying out Everything In Transit, their album from ’05. It’s super catchy and almost five years later, I still love listening to it, especially when I’m working out.

  • Clara

    I think “hipster” implies some kind of newness.
    Although I love Jack’s Mannequin and have for years.
    Don’t try to sell them as something they’re not.

  • Allison

    Check out the song Dark Blue from In Transit and Hurricane by Something Corporate. Two of my all time favorite songs! I love his major incorporation of the piano in most of his songs.