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This Morning I’m Multi-tasking

February 3rd, 2010 6 Comments

While I work away on the computer, I’m letting some products work on me.

I’m using Crest white strips to brighten my smile and Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat to moisturize my now very unruly mane.  I don’t know if either will work, but I need to give them a shot.

I prefer Moroccan Oil and GoSmile capsules (both of which publicists sent me for free and I fell in love with), but when you’re in Mexico you gotta go with what’s available.

Should be an interesting comparison.

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  • george winadela

    Just out of curiosity, how expensive are crest-white strips in Mexico?

    • I actually had Bob bring them back from the States. I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE here!

  • Jackie D

    I used to love White Strips, but they made my teeth so overly sensitive that I’d get flashes of pain throughout the day. I’m shuddering just thinking about it!

    I’ve got teeth that are naturally pretty white, but at a recent dentist’s appointment, the hygienist used these amazing strips – like narrow dental sandpaper – to polish and brighten my smile. The difference was staggering.

    • My teeth are super sensitive too, which is why I can’t do laser whitening or the trays the dentist has. Luckily, I too have naturally white teeth, but I felt like my coffee consumption had stained them a little. I can only wear the strips for 10 minutes otherwise my mouth hurts too.

      What is the name of the dentist strips?

  • AlexisJulian

    Are you making a move to Mexico, Mary?

    • Not officially, I just enjoy working here. There really isn’t much else to do besides gym and work so I stay really focused. It was helpful to be here before the launch so I could work without any other obligations. Plus it’s beautiful and the nice weather keeps me energized.

      Since my desk can be anywhere in the world, why not Mexico when my schedule allows :)