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Make Your Man McDreamy – Giveaway

February 4th, 2010 1 Comment

Just as you loved Avon’s collaboration with Reese Witherspoon to create a fabulous fragrance (In Bloom), you will find they’ve done it again with Patrick Dempsey 2.

I’ve heard from several male friends that they were surprised the female-oriented brand combined with the cheesy heart-throb poster boy could yield a scent they actually liked.  The smell is definitely manly with a hint of citrus and musk.

Because it’s an Avon product, the price is right at $35 for single guys to test out a new scent while on the hunt.  For those of you already cuddling up close, this is a no brainer for a Valentine’s day gift.

In fact, Avon wants to wish a MTM reader a McDreamy Valentines day!  The first person to send in a picture of their dream date with an explanation why it would be the best evening ever, wins a bottle for free! (Please note explanation will be posted anonymously this weekend.  Picture is optional.)

Submissions to mary@morethanmary.com

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