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Skype Is A Traveler’s Best Friend

February 5th, 2010 2 Comments

The Skype iPhone App is the best thing that could ever happen to a gypsy blogger traveler. (Also available on some Nokias and Windows Mobile)

Or if you refuse to get a land line in your house even though you don’t get cell service – gotta love AT&T.

(I qualify for both.)

It has been such a lifesaver while in Mexico because friends and family can text me for free and I can either call, SMS, or skype them back via Skype for pennies.  If they call your cell , there is a minimal charge so you might as well pick up the phone and tell them you’re going to call them back from a number that looks like it’s a transmission from the moon.

The only catch is that you need access to decent wifi, which isn’t always readily available, but gypsies enjoying a the landscapes of the world can’t be choosers.

It’s funny, most of my tech savvy friends don’t use skype, but you know who does…mid-western families.  Want to know why they are in the know?  One word: Oprah.

The App is free so I suggest you just download it and buy the minimum $10 credit.  I guarantee it will come in handy.

And btw, if you don’t have Skype on your computer, you’re a way behind.  That’s ok, just jump on the freight train now so you can sit with the connected kids (and mommies).

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  • Bob Baer

    And calls are free if both parties use skype.

  • Meg

    Not sure if this works for the iphone app–but for $2.99 a month, you can call international cell phones or landlines from Skype on your computer, which is cheaper than buying credits. In any case, I highly recommend it: it makes long distance catch-up sessions and heart-to-hearts possible, even across the Atlantic! (Or Mexico or Canadian borders…or wherever you care to travel.)