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Spotted Monster Spotted In H-Town

February 5th, 2010 10 Comments

This just in: spotted Mermaid was seen running around Houston late this afternoon after another battle with Botox.  From the looks of it, she lost.

She tried to run from us, she tried to hide, but then for the sake of a good LOL, she surrendered the photos on her iPhone from her office visit with one Dr. Christopher Patronella.  The only witness to scene was apparently holding a Kodak Zi8 and shooting one of her “life experiment” episodes.  Our research tells us next week’s installment will be the much anticipated taser video in which she voluntarily has electricity shot through her ass.  As reporters, we find this much more entertaining than her previous rectal water stunts.

Below, see the beast in question.  Warning: might not be suitable for young children.

Apparently the issue started on her forehead –

and AGE spread from there.

Mermaid turns 28 this month and seems to think she can stop Father Time from stomping all over her face.

(Full Disclosure: Botox and fillers comped by Dr. Patronella for Life Experiment episode.)

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  • May

    Mary, you don’t need botox… too young! What would Michael Pollan think??! Even so, that was LOL. Great post :)

  • AlexisJulian

    Mary, this concerns me. You’re not even 30 and your face is SUPPOSED to have lines.

    One of the most beautiful things in the world is an old woman’s hands – and that is one thing most celebs and suburban narcissists neglect – because it is one place where her age truly does show, a feature which demonstrates the hard work, labor of love, and time that has gone into shaping such a woman. Don’t rob yourself of characteristics that make you, you.

  • The common misconception is that Botox and/or fillers are based on age. They are not. Wrinkles can appear at any time for a number of reasons and younger women should have the same options as older women. Whether that’s a cream of injection, younger women ashamed about that (in my opinion). Neither should older women for that matter.

    We have these resources and I chose to use them.

    And if we’re getting down the nitty narcissism element (that we all have to a certain degree when we are being honest with ourselves – mine is probably a little stronger than most), even my mother, who is anti-augmentation (although not completely against) admits I have large wrinkles in my forehead.

    Crow’s feet and my nasolabial lines are not as severe so I use the injections to lessen the lines and prevent further enhancement.

    Under my eyes, which is a complete mess, has looked terrible for years (thank goodness for makeup) so a friend finally suggested I try Restylane there. We’ll see if I like it or not.

  • Nathalie

    Good for you Mary!
    I admire you’re transparence and honesty. Many would hide the fact they use botox or surgery.
    Although I have always been in favor of letting our age shine without trying to mask the signs of getting old.
    I admit that I would also feel uncomfortable to see such wrinkles on my forehead now (I’m 28 too) (and assuming you down exaggerate the wrinkles for the pictures). I can understand you want to do so. In the end, it is your choice. I don’t see it as narcissist. The point is if we don’t love ourself first, we cannot truly love others, right?
    My only concern with such a treatment would be the impact on the health to inject such product into the body.
    Wish you well.


  • Ignoramus

    What are the dots for? (Sorry, me know nathing about cosmetic surgery)

  • elizabeth

    would you mind doing a post about how it all turns out? my eyes are similar to yours (at 25) but I didn’t know fillers were an option there. love to know what you think!

    • well, I can tell you right now I love them. My eyes look so much less puffy underneath due to the Restylane, and only wrinkle a little when I smile. No one I meet ever knows I get injections until the topic comes up.

      Also, an important thing to remember is that if you don’t like the effects, it isn’t permanent. It goes away (quicker than I would like) which is why you have to go get refills. Which you should also consider….getting the treatment once is not worth the expense, you have to be able to afford the maintenance as well.

      People harp on injections, but they don’t realize that you can spend just as much on cremes (with questionable ingredients) that don’t show the results like these products do.

      Honestly, it’s your body, do your research, and make a decision that is right for you.

  • Laila

    How can you justify the expense when you choose to spend so much time in the sun? You’re actively giving yourself wrinkles!!

  • Marion

    Good point Laila.
    I think it’s ridiculous to claim a wrinkled forehead if one raises the eyebrows. It’s like “I closed my eyes. Now I don’t see anymore. Maybe I need glasses?” WTF?

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