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February 12th, 2010 1 Comment

A Gift Guide by Brandon, The Male Model

Here yet again, is the day women find out what they really mean to their man. Men over do/under do and pray they come out alive and not sleeping on the couch.

This day was never meant to be that way or a hassle, a nightmare, or a deal breaker. It’s not about being flashy, giving a card, or taking someone to an over-priced dinner. So don’t make it one. By simply using your head and your heart, show that special someone your real intentions with them (if they don’t agree, ditch them).

Although, I’m currently single and happen to find myself that way on most V-days, I’d like to think when I’m lucky enough to have a girlfriend I make her realize she is my world. I try putting myself in her shoes and asking that simple question” What would ___ want so that she never forgets this V-day”.

Following are gifts and/or gestures that won’t break your bank, but do require  effort and time. This means showing you know them more than they think, care more than you should, and love endlessly and unselfishly to no abound.

I must say I hate it when people dog this day. If you are lucky enough to have someone, be grateful for their mere existence. Below are a few ideas I conjured up to express you care outwardly and remember men are simple and women are emotional.    

For Your Man –

  • Take something personal of his and have it engraved like a watch, TV remote, or lighter.
  • Plan a trip doing something he enjoys like fishing, hunting, skiing, UFC, etc.
  • Create love coupons (You know what we like, I wish that were vice versa)
  • Wear lingerie.  Yes, we like it.
  • Throw in some naughty dice.
  • Have his favorite Sports/Actor memorabilia signed
  • Do it – buy him a Playboy subscription (Shows you’re confident & he can act like he reads the articles)
  • Sign him up for a NASCAR package
  • Order a New York Times reprint of the day of his Birth

Because You Love Your Lady –

  • Take something personal of hers and have it engraved like a watch or a robe
  • Buy a pet to share and name it after something meaningful to them
  • Plan doing something she enjoys like wine tasting, cooking class, a musical, etc.
  • Write up Love Coupons for a massage, pedicure, etc. (All done by you)
  • Cook her favorite meal and serve it in bed (Especially if you normally can’t or never do)
  • Don’t buy your card…..make it. (Use your head and remember the 1st grade)
  • Give her flowers, jewelry, and candy ONLY if you pick them, design it, or cook it
  • Write her a Poem and put it on a scarf or a plaque for her – you can do that here
  • Schedule a hot air balloon ride to see something she loves from a different angle
  • Start a tradition with her or make a promise (Weekly date night, allotment of hrs per day)
  • Pick a song that reminds you of her & tag it your song (Maybe heard on first date)
  • Customize a personal fragrance for her (Just make sure you know what she likes/dislikes)
  • Make a video & email it to her @12:01am telling her everything that makes her special
  • Have an artist make a sculpture or painting of her or both of you
  • Frame something from your first date (movie ticket or dinner receipt)

Obviously some of these are interchangable, but you see you don’t have to throw down a black card to be sweet.

As for what you shouldn’t get…..

Men are pretty easy, we like almost anything you get us.  But guys, beware of these gestures that will surely get you in the dog house.


  • Exercise equipment or anything healthy to make her self-conscious
  • Same gift as last year
  • Anything that they consider a given or ordinary
  • A vacuum or anything household she might have asked for prior
  • An idea someone else did they thought was cool

All my love to you on Vday readers.

  • Bob Baer

    ALl good ideas except buying the pet. Thats like adopting a child. Unless its a beta fish