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George Chakra and Lacoste

February 13th, 2010 1 Comment

These two collections couldn’t be on father ends of the fashion spectrum!

Check out a few front row snapshots of Lacoste’s bright and bold sportswear collection followed by the tight and tailored 90’s glamor girl designs from George Chakra.  Neither are really my taste, but viewers who saw the livestream seems to like the sequin gowns, lace gloves, and flowing chiffon.

The first pictures of Lacoste’s “Club Line” actually adhere to fall trends by incorporating volume into their jackets.  Shrunken tops and knits were exemplary within the sportswear.  I enjoyed the monochromatic pairing of wine and ruby, but cannot endorse bright green and blue for fall.  And I LOVED the knit tights.

(First: George Chakra)

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  • Rachel*

    Thanks for posting stills from the shows today! George Chakra was lovely.