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February 21st, 2010 4 Comments

Before fashion week, I gave you guidelines on how to dress for Fashion Week.  One of them was that you should have a piece that defines your outfit. These days, that accessory is shoes.  You MUST have killer shoes that will draw attention on the front row (and hopefully they are comfortable).  Well, I was wrong.  You can survive the discerning eye of the world’s most critical fashionistas if you know how to rock the basics. And because I left my fab footwear at the cobbler in Houston, I was put to the test!

Above are the three accessories that got me through eight days of fashion’s most demanding week (in the US).

  • Elizabeth & James suede booties – $595 and worth every penny because they were surprisingly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn to the tents)
  • Karen Zambos Audrey faux python clutch* for $107! – It held EVERYTHING I needed and a BluePrint juice.
  • Calvin Klein faux heels – From DSW I bought on a whim

There were a couple others that played a more supportive role that should not be forgotten:

  • Chanel classic black tote (Ugh, what a bad picture.  But see how they fade into the background of our ensembles)
  • Gucci sunglasses (not pictured)that made people think “she’s important.”  Not that I really cared, but part of navigating the tents is knowing how to play the game.  And yes, it’s as simple as sunglass sometimes.
  • Uggs. Because by day 4 there is no question you have to walk to and from the tents in them.

However, more important than accessories, was the amazing support system I had in place to make sure you saw all of the action at the tents LIVE and keep me smiling during the process.  At this time, I would like to thank them for their tremendous efforts.

Livestream.com – Otto, Marko, and Deb, you have worked tirelessly to make my vision a reality for two seasons now. And we’re still having fun!  (BTW, you can go here to see all of our coverage catalogued by show.)

Marytern – Wow, Sarah!  You really came through not only for me, but also for all of the viewers watching our stream.  You are intelligent, meticulous, and dedicated beyond your years, and I am fortunate to have you on my team.

Mom – My eternal and selfless support.  Thank you for your patience with my crazy lifestyle and often irresponsible nature.

Mercedes Benz – Adam, Jeff, Christine, and yes, you too Greg, keep me sane and even laughing through the chaos.  Over the past three years, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you all!

Kodak – It is always such a pleasure to represent the brand and use your products to cover events. I love using the Zi8 Pocket Video Camera* to get every last detail of each design.

Adrien Field and Rocco – Because without you, fashion week could never be fun.

Giselle and Katie – My two remote interns that helped put the whole event together.

Amanda Parenti – You curate a great collection of designers I am always honored to wear.  Magalis Garcia* (designer of the dress I’m wearing above) is going to be huge if I have anything to say about it.

Bob – For your friendship and support, I am eternally grateful.

GOMI – You guys keep me on my toes and laughing at myself.  And in this biz, that’s priceless.

(Full Disclosure: Items with * not purchased.  Provided by the brand.)

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  • Sarah

    Great job as always on all your coverage Mary!

  • em

    gorgeous dress mary! where is it from?

    • It’s Magalais Garcia. Unfortunately she’s not in stores yet, but she will be soon.

      The Green Room was nice enough to lend it to me for NYFW. I got A MILLION compliments on it, including “THAT is a really beautiful dress” from Mena Suvari, and “I need to know more about that designer” from Robert Verdi.