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What I Didn’t Cover At Fashion Week

February 21st, 2010 4 Comments

Rocco did!

He’s been at the tents for as long as I have, but has focused more on the celeb scene.  And he’s so personable that his interviews are more fun to watch than what you would see on ET or Access.

Go to FashionNewsLive and see quick clips and quirky comments from your favorite celebs while they were at the tents last week.

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  • Brooke

    I love that Rocco is a tag on this post! Great job on your NYFW coverage. Looking forward to the Spring 2011 shows.

    • Of course he is!

      So glad you enjoyed the coverage. We had fun streaming it for you.

  • Rocco


    You are the best! Just one thing tho.. Can you please fix the link so it will link to http://www.FashionNewsLive.com right now the link is broken..

    Thank you

    • Absolutely. My apologies.

      Btw, would love to post our interview, but it stops in the beginning. Can you fix that please :)