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Isolating on the Elliptical

February 22nd, 2010 No Comments

Let’s be honest, the elliptical doesn’t simulate running, so let’s utilize the machine in other effective ways.

Just as in my spin workout, I like to take a song or two to isolate and strengthen particular muscle groups.

Above I’ve shown two different set-ups to focus on two different groups.  Here’s how you use them.

Isolation #1 – Glutes on a slow climb.

  1. Increase your resistance to something challenging (mine is about 14) and put your incline on 12-14.
  2. Stand with both feet flat and bend your knees.
  3. Engage your abs and bend over about 60 degrees.  Use the railing to stabilize yourself.
  4. Make sure you back is flat.
  5. Pushing through your heels, step to the beat of the music and squeeze your butt with every step.
  6. Continue for the whole song. Your butt will be burning!
  7. On the song that follow, stand up straight, increase your resistance, and slow down.  When the chorus hits, charge up the hill.

Isolation #2 – Lower Abs in a sprint.

  1. Lighten your resistance and take your incline t0 either 12 or 19.
  2. Stand on the balls of your feet (not your tip-toes)
  3. Engage your abs.
  4. Stand straight up, don’t lean forward.  Use the railing for support.
  5. Focus on pulling your knees up into your abs, keeping your feet light.  Pick up your pace.  See if you can keep up the speed for the entire song.

Obviously the right music is helpful to set your pace, so make sure to stock your playlist with a variety of beats.

Last year I did a video while I was actually on the elliptical that I later edited to show you parts of my entire workout.  Click here to watch.

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