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February 22nd, 2010 2 Comments

So you’ve read MTM Trainer Kelley’s posts, but you have yet to see her in action.

Today, we spent the day at fit gym in Houston (where she trains and teaches daily) to shoot some videos for her upcoming Monday posts.  Let me tell you, as a girl who considers herself in shape, I was challenged (and panting) with every combo Kelley offered.

The videos will come in the following weeks.  Today, I’ll give you a sneak peak inside her spin class.

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  • Jenn

    Kelly’s classes are not that intense. I barely break a sweat. Can you pick another trainer @ fit? Maybe a male trainer?

    • Kelley’s classes are killer if you push yourself and follow her instructions. Of course you can slack off, or not add resistance when she tells you to, or be complacent by not adding more when you personally need it. She has to teach to the majority of the class, which admittedly, is not at the fitness level of some of us. But I was beat by the time I left that spin class yesterday.

      As for a male trainer at fit, I love Roland. He was my personal trainer in Houston last year and he really kicked my butt too.