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Flip This!

February 23rd, 2010 6 Comments

I’m telling you, the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera ($199) kills the Flip!

Photo is from reader Phil:

“@maryrambin thank you for the advice! This should be an advertisement for Kodak! Video to follow…”

Honestly, YouTube doesn’t do the HD footage from this camera justice.  The images are CRYSTAL clear even up close (it has a macro feature).

Just wanted to continue to spread the good word.

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  • This again?

    Mary? Disclosure?

    Why do you have to be reminded constantly to adhere to the law, good manners, and ethics?

    • Kodak is an MTM sponsor, which is clearly stated in the transparency policy at the top of the blog.

      Certainly you have seen ALL of my disclosure statements at the bottom of posts for the most minor of details.

      When we bring on new sponsors there will be a list posted on the home page so there is never a question.

  • Sarah

    I have to agree- I’ve tried the Zi8 that my neighbor has a few times and think it is fantastic (and great bang for the buck)!

  • seriously?

    Actually, Mary, the disclosure statement needs to appear every time a sponsored product does. Perhaps that means you need to make sure your transparency policy is linked from every page on the site. Here is an interesting article for you: http://michaelhyatt.com/2010/01/five-ways-to-comply-with-the-new-ftc-guidelines-for-bloggers.html

    Seriously, though, real talk: what is your beef with just adding the sentence [Camera provided by Kodak] at the end of these posts? I see absolutely NO reason why a blogger wouldn’t want to follow these guidelines to a T, or even exceed them. You’d come across as so much more professional and authentic and Kodak would get a little shout out with every post that mentions their products. What’s so scary here?

    Though, I do have to commend you on not listening to Julia when she advised you to flash the Huffington Post’s name at NYFW (yes, Julia, people heard that terrible advice). Still, I just don’t see what the big fuss is about when it means you’re covering your ass just that much more.

    • Well, technically, his camera wasn’t provided by Kodak. He paid for it.

      Secondly, I put a Kodak end card at the end of all of my edited videos when I use the Zi8.

      Almost every post on this blog has a picture, many of which are not taken with a Kodak because I use my iPhone on the go.

      When it is blatantly obvious that I promoting Kodak I now mention that the camera was provided because you all seem to want to be beaten into trusting me with disclosure, even though it is clearly stated in the Transparency Policy which is offered before you even get to the content.

      Just like I don’t want to drown the content in disclosure, I also don’t want to weigh it down with plugs and promos.

  • Whatevs

    Mary, you spend more time and effort trying to justify your shady non-disclosure than it would take to be honest. You have so little shame. No wonder you and Julia Allison hit it off and continue to pal around. So sad.