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More Than A Market

February 24th, 2010 1 Comment

As you can see I really went crazy last night….well, the guy snapping this pic did think I was little nuts after the third try, but such is my plight.

It’s actually pleasant to go shopping at night when no one is there.  Especially at Central Market which is usually packed.

I went to pick up some veggies, but then found myself perusing the isles, grinding coffee beans, exploring the cheese section, all of the finer things in stores we rush by.  When I reached the wine section, I realized how bored I was with “affordable” wine I buy to drink at home.  And then I saw the light at the end of my cheap chardonnay  tunnel.


Good beer!!!!

For some reason, beer has become a trend among friends.  And I don’t mean bitter, yellow, carbonated water, I talking about the real deal.  In my recent travels I’ve enjoyed some delicious brews….or ales…or….ok, I’m not up on the lingo yet, but I now realize why everyone raves about Belgian beer.  There is life beyond Stella and it tastes sweet and smooth.  I actually take a sip and say “ahhh.”

Here’s another fun fact I didn’t know.  Central Market has a beer specialist (James) who is happy to explain the difference between wheat and barley brews and which brands offer a certain flavor.  If you’re still unsure, he’ll crack open a bottle and let you take a swing.

As James opened the Hoegaarden we thought I might like, a crowd gathered and we all chatted about how good it was, the service at the store, the random snow falling outside….it was all very backyard bbq in the middle of the market.

Here’s what I went home with.  Nothing special with the exception of the Hoegaarden and manchego.  It did cross my mind I would have only dropped 250 pesos ($20ish) for my $80 spree if I were in Mexico, but what the hey, I had a great night out.

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  • Richard Yoo

    Parking can be a nightmare there at the wrong times… :)