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Your BluePrint Cleanse Discount Code is Here!

February 25th, 2010 5 Comments

Now you can get 15% off of ANY BluePrint Cleanse ANYTIME!

You’ve all asked for a discount and now I’m so happy I can answer with a code you can use whenever you are ready to start juicing.

You know how much I love it, and I believe you’ll enjoy the experience and the impact it has on your lifestyle too!  Juicing is not a quick fix starvation diet.  It’s a way to flush out the impurities we consume in processed food and refresh our bodies to crave real food as it exists in nature, without the extra crap.  In one day, drinking one bag of 6 juices from BPC gives you the nutrient equivalent of eating 24 pounds of vegetables!

Afterwards, fruits will taste so sweet, and fiberous veggies will be filling in a way you only thought you could be satisfied after eating starches. You won’t crave cake or cookies, you’ll want natural sugars instead.

Before you cleanse, do your research, and consult a doctor to make sure it’s right for you.

I’ve written a few pieces on prepping, cleansing, colonics (which I highly recommend on day 2 or 3) and obviously given you insight into each of my experiences on different cleanses which I hope you also find helpful.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO BluePrintCleanse.com and review their 3 Juice Cleanses (I love the Foundation Cleanse) and the now popular Juice ‘Til Dinner (dinner is delicious!)


Happy Juicing!

(Full Disclosure: BluePrint has generously provided me with juice for free to blog about my experience.  I received colonics for free or at a media rate. You can click here to see a comparison of the cleanses I have done – a total of 5 in two years.)

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  • Kristin

    The code no longer works – you said anytime?

    • Unfortunately it expired. But you should look out for even bigger discounts on their website during the holidays.

  • Amaya Lansing

    I just tried the coupon code and it didn’t work. WIll you
    let me know if you have a new one?

    • Unfortunately no. They are no longer offering media codes. Apologies!