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Santa Monica Off The Top Of My Head

February 26th, 2010 No Comments

A reader is making the move from New York to Santa Monica and asked for my thoughts and tips on the area.  Here is what I wrote in under a minute:

Get ready to start loving life!!!

Throw away your jackets.

Things I love off the top of my head (aside from the delicious restaurants you’ll discover):

  • Keep the light streaming through your home, don’t close it out with curtains or shades.
  • Discover all of the great places to exercise outdoors – the strand, the stairs, hiking Temescal canyon.
  • The Farmer’s Market on Main street on Sundays for breakfast and fresh veggies.
  • Coffee Bean Sugar Free Vanilla Ultimate Iced Coffee in hand, stroll Montana Avenue and peruse the isles in the cute boutiques.
  • Join the Equinox, you’ll LOVE the classes and the members are friendly.
  • Don’t be afraid to approach people, they’re actually lovely to chat with if you take the initiative.
  • Fashion is comfortable, everywhere is casual, don’t try too hard.  Wear bright colors!
  • There are a million places to eat healthy and Wild Oats on Montana is sometimes better than Whole Foods for groceries.
  • Venture to Abbot Kinney in Venice, every shop and restaurant is so unique.
  • Watch the sunset at Casa del Mar in the bar.
  • Get a group of friends and sing Karaoke at The Gas Light.
  • Ok, I have to mention restaurants! Have lunch at the cafe in Fred Segal, Blue Plate diner, Cafe Montana, The Brentwood Country Mart, Urthe Cafe. For dinner hit up: Cafe Montana, Father’s Office, The Counter, The Ivy, Katsu-ya, Casa del Mar, The Wilshire. I’m missing some, but that’s a good start with the classics.

This should be a good start! Hope it helps!

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