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A Lot of R&R with Roku

February 28th, 2010 4 Comments

On Saturday, Mase and I set up the Roku box* that arrived last week.

Even for me, the electronically challenged, I was able to connect the box and get it going within minutes.

I knew it streamed Netflix to my tv, but had no idea I could buy movies on Amazon Video, access the stations on my Pandora account, and get channels from a few other web networks.  Unfortunately the box can’t play all of the movies Netflix has avaialbe; only 140 are at your fingertips on the “Instant Queue.”  The selection is mediocre, but you’re sure to find something that isn’t in your DVD library.

Like Heros!  The Netflix queue has the entire first season.  Mase and I have never seen the show everyone raves about so it was the obvious choice.  We planned on watching a couple of episodes, but if you’ve ever seen Heros, you know it can be addictive.  So one episode led to another….and we passed out after 6…..

The next morning I was ready to take Mason out for a walk, press some coffee, turn on Meet The Press, but he gave me the eye that said, “I ain’t movin’ until we finish Episode 6.”

So he got his way, then I had mine.

A lovely, lazy weekend over here.  Hope you enjoyed yours.

More to come on the Roku box after I explore other channels.

(*Full Disclosure: Roku sent over a test box that I will return after I’ve written a review.)

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  • M. Osten

    You mentioned that you watch “Meet the Press” in the mornings. Solve developed a “NBC News” channel for the Roku that includes “Meet the Press”. We also have 9 other channels that are in beta. Nature, Classic SciFi movies, you name it. Check them out here.


    • Good to know, I’ll check it out! Thank you.

  • rhymeswithemma.tumblr.com

    A word of caution regarding Heroes – don’t get too attached because the first season was pretty amazing, but the ride gets a little…bumpy from there on out, haha. I will say this, though: the eye candy remains strong through the second season and the four episodes of season three I made it through before bailing.

    • I’m not LOVING Heros honestly. It’s kinda like Fringe for me (although I have developed a small, undeniable crush on Joshua Jackson I didn’t have on Dawson’s Creek). I can watch both while I do something else and not care if I miss something here and there. Such is not the case with Damages or Gossip Girl. Haha, my tv taste is all over the place!