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More Form Less Weight

March 1st, 2010 2 Comments

Form is the most important component to exercising safely and efficiently.

When we work out on our own for so long, our bodies become trained to rely on stonger muscles to complete an exercise so we can increase the weight we are pushing/pulling.  But, we actually aren’t preforming the movement properly so certain muscle groups are neglected.  When I help friends correct their form, they often find they can’t use the amount of weight they are accustomed to because now they are using the muscles for the exercise , which aren’t strong enough to support the weight.

So before you start any movement, make sure your body is in the proper position to isolate the right muscles.  Standard form, shown above, is applicable in MOST exercises, standing or sitting.  Here’s the checklist you should go through in your head before you start moving:

  1. Feet hip distance apart.
  2. Slightly bend your knees.
  3. Engage your core.
  4. Pull your shoulder blades together and push your chest up and out.
  5. Pull your shoulders away from your ears.

Now you’re ready to go.  You’ll notice that when you start with the proper form, the exercise is harder, so lighten up the weight you’re using.  Even though the weight is less, you’ll see more results in the muscles that have been secondary for so long.

Not only will you grow stronger, but you’ll also prevent future injuries by using the right form.

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  • sandy sharma

    In reference to the crunch you showed several months back. Getting to the gym for me is sometimes difficult. If I dont go before work, like 6am, Im simply drained by the end of the day and wont go at all. (top it off, Im not a morning person) Im pretty trim all over except my mid area that I blame on my 10hr/day desk job behind a computer. I stareted doing ur ab crunch. Initially I could only do about 2 x 8 reps (i know, embarrassing) but now I do 3×20 (with a 10LB weight) before bed and when I wake up, and in 2 weeks feeling FABULOUS!!! Hope u can show me something I can do at home for lower back and maybe obliques. xo