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Have you been Zanged lately?

March 2nd, 2010 1 Comment

-By Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

Leah (aka the Nutritionista) and I have been having so much fun sharing new spices and recipes with you on MTM.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find a package on my doorstep she had sent with treats from one of her favorite local restaurants.  Leah wanted to share a true taste of Michigan, since she’s a native and I’ve never been.  Apparently Zingerman’s is a local institution and now I can definitely see why!

The bars topped off movie night as my hubby and I watched The Visitor on Netflix.  My favorite was the “original” that tastes just like a gourmet Snickers, mmm!  Give me dark chocolate, caramel and nuts in some combination and you’ll have made a friend!

Order your own Z Zang gourmet candy bar from Zingermans.com

  • Nutritionista

    So glad you liked the Z Zang bars! In my mind, Zingerman’s can do no wrong. :) Now you just have to make it over to Ann Arbor to eat at the infamous Zingerman’s Roadhouse! They have a doughnut sundae to end all sundaes.