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To Save or Splurge on Sunglasses – My Opinion

March 2nd, 2010 2 Comments

I’ve actually been planning to write a post on my experience with cheap sunglasses for while, but kept forgetting about it until Kallah brought it up today.

Before my last trip to Mexico, I wrote about the stylish sunnies I found for a bargain at Anthropologie, shown here.

See, they’re cute.

For three weeks I ran around on the beach while not having to worry about scratching expensive lenses.  Before this trip I was terrified I would ruin my Guccis, Oliver Peoples, etc in the sand or from throwing them in my bag.

Although no one else could tell they were $4 shades, I could.  For some reason, the lenses got dirty quicker and were harder to clean.  They were greasy even after I washed they off.  Looking through them was also different.  It felt like the plastic was thicker, my view was clouded, and the tint made everything look flat.  Basically it left me frustrated and missing my designer frames.

All of that being said, I would still buy the cheaper version for the beach or if I wanted a trendy frame like the Alexander Wang cat-eye style that would only last a season.

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  • Bob Baer

    How embarrassing that my sunglasses cost $2 more than yours

  • This again?

    Never buy Chanel sunglasses: They license the brand to a cheap manufacturer — giant rip-off. Even if they fell apart tomorrow (no sign of that), my Pradas have earned their keep (I didn’t even get them on sale) for the past 18 months.