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March 2nd, 2010 1 Comment

– By Kallah Maguire, The Stylist

What’s a girl got to to do to get some fashionable sunglasses that don’t break her bank?  All together now… Visit Forever 21!  The cat eye sunglasses that Alexander Wang sent down the runway for his RTW Spring 2010 collection are highly coveted – but also highly priced.

Spring lines are just hitting the stores so guess what, so are their cheaper counterparts!  Clever girls (which I know you all are) will hop on over to the hardware store or hobby shop for some gold, silver, or bronze paint to add the finishing touches to their new Forever 21 find.  DIY fashion upgrades are brilliant, and when people start asking you where you got your fabulous sunglasses you can say “Oh these, they’re custom, I actually designed them myself”.  Priceless, and all for around $13.00!

Pictures courtesy of  Style.com and Forever21.com

  • The AW shades look a lot like the Tom Ford style (shown in this month’s Vogue) that has been out for a while, but the AW are obviously more detailed. Either way, the Forever 21 are the more affordable way to be trendy. Now if you can find them at the store, that will be a score!