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“Travel Like A Human” – AirBnB.com

March 5th, 2010 4 Comments

As much as we all would love to stay in a nice hotel when we travel, the rate usually isn’t in our budget.  The room we can afford (or the price we want to pay) is a single at The Holiday Inn Express and there is nothing fun about sandpaper sheets and plastic cups next to the sink.

So why not stay in place that feels a little more like home?

AirBnB.com lets people rent out their extra room, whether that be a room or an entire home, to travelers looking for affordable accommodations.  Since affordability is all relative, the site offer everything from a room in Midtown NYC to a small island villa to a ranch estate.

Here are a few offerings featured on their site:

I know it seems like it would be a bit uncomfortable to stay in someone else’s house, or have strangers sleeping in your bed, but check out their policies before you knock it.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that part of what makes my travel so affordable is that I stay with friends all over the world.  Usually I will treat them to dinner, buy groceries, clean, etc in exchange for a cozy place to lay my head.  The cost of some of these rooms is equal to my expenses.

I know thousands of people are about to descend on Austin and with hotels either fully booked or inflated rates, you’re having a difficult time finding accommodations.  AirBnB is ahead of the game and features rooms around big events.  So in Austin, there is still availability you can compare.

This kind of reminds me of CouchSurfing.org for those of us who haven’t fully embraced our inner vagabond.

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  • Claire

    Hey Mary,

    I’m just wondering if you’ve ever tried this service yourself, and what you thought about it? Because I believe there’s a difference between staying with friends and then staying with strangers.

    • I absolutely agree.

      This site was referred to me by a friend and after a little further investigation, I found it to credible. Obviously renting a room is different than an apartment/house where the space is all yours for the time. But if you read through their policies, they go through a process to verify both the resident and traveler are legitimate and financially protected.

  • Jess

    Great tip! Thank you so much for sharing this! I reposted this on my blog and credited the tip to MTM. Hopefully more folks can be informed about it in addition to kicking back some more of that rent money you were talking about in a previous post. : )


  • Sandy Sharma

    what an excellent site. I have been looking for an apartment in NYC for sat / sun only. This could work great.