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More On Form — The Bent Over Row

March 8th, 2010 2 Comments

Last week I was talking to you about setting up your form before you start an exercise. You’ll see more results using less weight if you do a movement properly.

Trainer Kelley and I were discussing that everyone wants to tone up their back, but very few people know how to do a bent-over row properly.

Check out this video where Kelley breaks down the setup for you and clarifies where where people usually go wrong.

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  • Wendy


    Thank you so much for all the helpful fitness posts. I’ve been trying to incorporate some strength training into my routine, and these are all fantastic!

    (I also love how you had posted the exercise that only involves a slick floor and 2 towels, I tried it last night while watching tv!)

    • The towel one is a toughie!

      So glad to hear you’re enjoying Kelley’s tips. She’s so creative!