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Will You Be Our Local Tour Guide?

March 12th, 2010 2 Comments

As I always say, the best way to experience a new place is with a local who can show you the spots that truly reflect the culture.

Well, you’re a local, or maybe you frequently vacation to the same spot, and have a wealth of knowledge that will make our trip so much more enjoyable.  So I would love for you to send in your tour guide and share your favorite spots with us!

Once you start writing you won’t know how to fit everything in, so use this outline to make your list.

Here’s what we want to know:

How many days do we need to fully enjoy this place?

Where Should We Stay:

  • If We’re Going All Out
  • If We’re On A Budget

Your Favorite Restaurants (breakfast/lunch/dinner):

  • Fine Dining
  • Trendy
  • Cheap and healthy

Daytime Activities:

  • Shopping
  • Outdoors
  • Culture
  • Something Unique


  • Lounges or clubs
  • Culture (theater? live music?)

Anything else fun?

Send me your MTM Tour Guide at Mary@MoreThanMary.com.

We thank you in advance!

(Thanks to Reader Tracy for a great idea.)

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  • Kate

    Are you paying us to do your research for you?

    • No need for the snark.

      The whole point is that research online never reveals the culture of a place, just the big sites. Isn’t it more fun to go see the real reasons people love certain places?